.Maui Minify

Easily minimize your Javascript, CSS, HTML and XML files in no time. We minimize tons of code every day for free and without tedious ads.

Not only Minify, you can also upload minimized files to our CDN for free and serve them quickly to your users.

If this tool is useful to you consider a donation. Thanks to donations we can offer this tool to all users for free, with no advertising and no personal data tracking.


Javascript Minifier

The most complete javascript minimizer on the web. Support ES2015 + (ES6 +), Syntax Control and more.

CSS Minifier

Speed​up the loading of your website with minimized css. Minimize as much CSS as you want fast and ad-free.

HTML Minifier

Lighter web pages, more satisfied user. Minimize your HTML code with our tool for faster pages to download and analyze.

XML Minifier

Convert XML strings or file to a friendly readable format. Make your XML file easier to read with this simple tool.