JS Minify

JS Compress and Minifier

This tool is an online javascript compressor that allows you remove spacing, indentation, newlines and comments from your javascript files and support ES6+.

Compressed javascript files are ideal for production, especially in the era of smartphones where the size of the web page is very important. This tool can reduce the size of the file up to 80% for faster downloads and reduced bandwidth consumption on your site.

JS Minify also obfuscates the code making it difficult to be read, thereby making it more difficult to reverse engineer or copy.

With .Maui you can save minimized files to a CDN with one click. Our CDN is free, fast and with https protocol.



  • Support ES2015 + (ES6 +)
  • Input options: directly in the textarea, via URL or upload
  • Output options: in the textarea, raw format or download
  • Free CDN for minimized files
  • Completely without advertising
  • Only via HTTPS secure protocol
  • Syntax Control
  • If there is an error, the line and column will be indicated